Thursday, May 26, 2011

Konica Zoom Eight 8mm movie camera 1960

Honeywell Agfachrome 64 film 1976

Selo Cine Film Stock 1932

Selo Cine Film Stock 1932 by Nesster
Selo Cine Film Stock 1932, a photo by Nesster on Flickr.


Pour54 by Tainted Wheat
Pour54, a photo by Tainted Wheat on Flickr.


IMG_3592 by Oddio
IMG_3592, a photo by Oddio on Flickr.


VIZIE | Now screening in 3D! by Ironlak
VIZIE | Now screening in 3D!, a photo by Ironlak on Flickr.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dutch Boy Paint

Eastside Supermarket

Newberrys Department Store

Vintage Howard Johnson's Box

Clinton Pharmacy

Gulf Supreme Motor Oil

Knudsen Bros. Dairy


hideout! by charity shopper
hideout!, a photo by charity shopper on Flickr.

Handstyles around the East Bay

Photos by Kel Troughton, 2011.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cass Hersey Real Talkin

The homie Cass has a way with words, peep her blog: Free Freaky


Bevelup by BUFFdiss
Bevelup, a photo by BUFFdiss on Flickr.

El Bandito's

32oz Booze Machines by LoucheBonVivant
32oz Booze Machines, a photo by LoucheBonVivant on Flickr.


Untitled by the BANDO archives
Untitled, a photo by the BANDO archives on Flickr.


nicodemus_nuff_respect by skengbubbler
nicodemus_nuff_respect, a photo by skengbubbler on Flickr.

Jimmy Bowman Swings at the Golden Fox

Rumba Rhythms

Rumba Rhythms by -=- G2 -=-
Rumba Rhythms, a photo by -=- G2 -=- on Flickr.

Ray Charles

Louis Jordan: Go Blow Your Horn

Sase by Zone WST

For Lady Sasi.... by zoneism
For Lady Sasi...., a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gigs FSC

Gigs - FSC/KTD by All Seeing
Gigs - FSC/KTD, a photo by All Seeing on Flickr.

gigs fsc icp

gigs by DCAN 1
gigs, a photo by DCAN 1 on Flickr.

tre nsf

tre by kerekt bench
tre, a photo by kerekt bench on Flickr.


TRE by ..:Metro Assault:..
TRE, a photo by ..:Metro Assault:.. on Flickr.

Red Robin

67/365 by sir fanceepants
67/365, a photo by sir fanceepants on Flickr.

oh boy!

North Beach


PREF PREF by Peter Preffington
PREF PREF, a photo by Peter Preffington on Flickr.

1990's Bay Area steez.

Found some gems on the 12 oz forums.

Jase BA

Jase by skateordiekats
Jase, a photo by skateordiekats on Flickr.


Regent 1954

Surf 1955

Fry's cocoa and chocolate 1900

Cadbury's Dairy Milk packaging 1955