Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Macke by EKSACT426
Macke EKSACT426 on Flickr.

Rapid Fire

Scott Hocking : Bad Graffiti

I got an email about this dudes photos, and not only is the series really good and the handstyles are top notch, but these photographs are perfect. Excellent stuff. Peep Scott Hocking's website

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Motel Cafe

Bile Beans

Ewok 1996

Archival Paper by Heavy Metal Gang
Archival Paper, a photo by Heavy Metal Gang on Flickr.

Sizzling Burlesk!

Sizzling Burlesk! by paul.malon
Sizzling Burlesk!, a photo by paul.malon on Flickr.


Laughing At Dad by paul.malon
Laughing At Dad, a photo by paul.malon on Flickr.

Ford's out front

It's Got Everything! by paul.malon
It's Got Everything!, a photo by paul.malon on Flickr.

Monday, August 29, 2011

American Hardware Stores


HEAT by The Unicraven
HEAT, a photo by The Unicraven on Flickr.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vogue Dream TDK

Vogue Dream TDK by ©IHVH©
Vogue Dream TDK, a photo by ©IHVH© on Flickr.

Spie Backwards

Spie International Irie by ©IHVH©
Spie International Irie, a photo by ©IHVH© on Flickr.

Rime Jurne, Oakland Ca

Jurne and Rime are both on some next, and with a production like this, its important to stop and peep the details. Photos by Kel Troughton in Oakland CA. Summer 2011.

Veronika Vöss

That's Entertainment

The Shop Around The Corner 1940

The Reptile 1966

The Killers


The Awful Dr. Orlof 1962

Jaes COD

JAES. by Ironlak
JAES. Ironlak on Flickr.


APLUS by brookenovak
APLUS brookenovak on Flickr.

Guest Editor: Cass Hersey

The good homie Cass Hersey helped out with another guest post, check her stuff here. Cass Hersey