Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feature 01: Cassidy Hersey

Cassidy Hersey:

How did you get introduced to typography and what do you like about letters?
I have been into letters for nearly as long as I can remember, but I was introduced to the technical field of typography by my dad who is an illustrator, artist, professor, and a cool guy. He was a bit of a typographer himself, as well as a lover of type, and I attribute my interest in typography and hand lettering to the things I was exposed to by my dad.

I love letters because they are the fundamental tools for visual communication . Building blocks. The basic shapes and lines that make letters are so perfectly simple that they can be warped, tipped, twisted, colored, or built upon in millions of ways, still able to convey the same information: words! I love letters for their simplicity as well as for their history and use.

What Mediums do you primarily use.
I mostly use pen + watercolor. But also ink, acrylic, collage, pencil, and marker.


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