Sunday, June 3, 2012

Feature 10: Swek

Swek Sketches

Swek SWS D-30 KBN has a lot of great lettering ideas in every piece, and has been doing it for years. He has been absolutely killing it on sketches, and apparently when he has a sketchbook, It's filled from end to end with full color different styled jams like you will see below. I'm happy to highlight one of the most innovative dudes in the graffiti game in North America.

How do you start a sketch?

I sketch alot with pencil, I usually have an idea or spark a vibe off the mode im in at the time.. standard pencil then outline..

What are some of your biggest influences as far as letters?
My influences are from a lot of different people, but I like letters that have movement. I'm going with people in my crew for this one, SWS, D-30, KBN.... I've been schooled by all of them.

What gives a letter style?
A letter should be able to stand on its own without color, then you can see its true beauty, but to judge a letter on style lies in the person who's looking at it. It depends on if that person likes that style, or if they can relate to that particular style.

What is different about a piece on a train, what are the characteristics you are shooting for?
Well I've done a lot of trains and prefer them to walls, but at this time I'm not to active in that area, soon though. Pieces on trains are really fun, I like the way it can be messy or done really fast but still have style. The Freight movement, the fact that they move around are the best things about them.

What non graffiti lettering do you pay attention to or draw inspiration from?
I pay attention to sign art and logos for stores, usually fine print or cursive. I like the movement in that style.

Dissect a piece
On this piece I was going for a thin/thick style with some connections, I try to make it so that each letter can stand on its own, usually with the bottoms fat for extra support, then the tops with thin connections for fast movement. As far as the design and fill I went a little overboard with fades checkers, robes, stars, drips and of course bubbles. Some parts of the fill change color as if the bar or peice would be behind, as if the bar still went though, as done on the hallow on the letter e,..

12 Oz Prophet | SWS Crew

Interview by Kel Troughton for 2012. Photographs copyright and from submissions by the artist and the Homie contributor, Thanks C. Go get some markers and step your sketch game up. Repost, but link the blog dogs.

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