Monday, April 21, 2014

Botany Mills

Below is all imagery I could find throughout the internet on a clothing company making shirts, slacks, and ties, Botany Mills. Opened 1887 in Passaic, New Jersey, and site of the 1926 Passaic Textile Strike along with other woolen mills in the area. The company barely survived the great depression, then was bought in 1954 by Daroff and Sons. I can't find any information about the advertising company associated, but the work is great. The company also hired Otto Messmer (originator of Felix the cat) to make animated TV commercials with the Botany Lamb character. From what I have found it looks to be the very first American animated commercial advertisement in 1941 broadcast to less that 5000 television sets. If anyone has more information, I left a few links in the comments section, please add to it.


Game Recognize Game said...

in 1945 Botany Mills sued over logo lookalikes.

Wiki basic info on Botany Mills

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Animated Televsion commercials: with Botany Lamb.